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A Letter from Brooke

Dear Birth Mother,
Thank you for taking the time to read about me. I am so excited to become a first-time mom and look forward to getting to know you. I have always known I am meant for motherhood. When I was 2.5 years old my brother was born and I instantly wanted to do all I could to care for him, help him learn, grow and be happy and healthy. I love to explore the great outdoors, go hiking with my dogs, ride horses on my family’s farm, and travel to new places. I am so excited to include your child in all that I do and look forward to supporting them and cheering them on as they find their own passions and dreams.

About Me

I know firsthand the joy that adoption brings as both my mother and aunt were adopted, as were 3 of my cousins and my maternal grandmother. To me, adoption has always been synonymous with family.

I am an orthopedic surgeon at a university. My specialty as a surgeon is operating on cancer patients, and the most rewarding part about it is the relationships I get to develop with my patients – they teach me so much about grace and living in the moment! I adore my job and think of my patients as extended family.  I look forward to supporting my child and teaching them to pursue their passion so that the work they do in the future is fulfilling for them.

My Hobbies & Interests

I love sports, exercising regularly, and being outside.  I was a national and world racquetball champion years ago and, while I no longer play, I still love the game and look forward to supporting my child in any sport that they take an interest in. I always enjoy a good hike in the mountains or going to the beach with my dogs, Luke and Leia. They are herding dogs, are formally being trained to herd animals, love to go for long walks and play games.

One of my favorite things is traveling. I love to go to new places; really experience and learn about each location I go to. The world is a big place to see and learn from!  I’ve been to Italy, Egypt, Greece, the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, Peru, and Israel thus far. Regional places are also great: Catalina Island, Big Bear Lake and so many more. I look forward to including my child in all of these activities, as I want them to explore the world, develop a curiosity of it, and inspire a real love and connection with animals.

My Education & Faith

I attended university in the bay area before moving to the midwest for medical school. While the midwest was home for my residency, I’m a coastal girl at heart! I was in the northeast for my final year of training before moving back to the West 3 years ago. Education is very important to me as it is what has allowed me to do what I love in life.

I was raised Roman Catholic, and I work to increase my faith through my recent pilgrimage, readings, and finding a parish with mass times on Sunday evenings.  I look forward to enrolling my child in a Catholic school, just as I was, as education is a key piece in life.

My Home in Southern California

I reside in sunny California, near beaches, hikes, and great food! I have a lovely 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with a high fence around the yard making it the perfect place to play games with my dogs. It’s spacious, comfortable, on a safe street, and is one lot back from the road. I host friends regularly for dinners or doggie playdates, and every few months have visits from my family in Oregon. I look forward to completing the nursery and helping my child decorate their room as they grow.


My Family & Traditions

Some of my personal traditions include a yearly hike on Christmas Eve with my dogs, attending church, weekly beach visits, viewing Broadway shows and one big trip a year, as well as one trip where I bring the dogs. Much of my family still lives in Oregon and I love spending at least one holiday in my home town, and my parents always enjoy coming down for holiday visits.

My parents are wonderful and so very excited to welcome your child to the family.  My mom cooks some of our family’s favorite recipes (mine is her parmesan chicken wing recipe) and she is so excited to have a grandchild to share her recipe secrets with. My dad loves to work with his hands and build things for others- something he is looking forward to share with your child. One of my favorite things to build with him has been cat trees for our pets.  I talk to them daily, and they are so very happy that I’m pursuing adoption.

My Promise

My promise is to love your child unconditionally, to raise them with structure and a sense of Christian values, and protect them in every way I am capable. They will be raised in faith, encouraged to follow their passion, taken on trips that will change their perspective, and completely supported in all that they do. I will help guild them as they grow so they are confident, know their story, and have the tools to be a productive member of society. I look forward to getting to know you and staying in touch as you are comfortable through letters, pictures, and visits.

If you would like to learn more about me, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Brooke

My EducationMedical Doctor (MD)
My ProfessionsOrthopedic Surgeon
My Racial BackgroundCaucasian
Some of Brooke's Favorites
weekend activitysnuggling on the couch during a chilly weekend day with a book or tv show playing
travel destinationanywhere I can share with my family, including home, our recent trip to Israel, and sporting trips when I was young
thing about homemy 2 sweet pups, who are always excited to see me and up for any adventure I can come up with
TV showDoctor Who
Sports teamsSt. Louis Cardinals, New England Patriots, St. Louis Blues, Portland Trailblazers
More About My Family
My Special Interests

I love people, in general. My specialty as a surgeon is operating on cancer patients, and the most rewarding part about it is the relationships I get to develop with my patients - they teach me so much about grace and living in the moment! I have a very strange sports history, as I was a national and world racquetball champion! While I don't play sports anymore, I love sports and would be happy to be involved with any sports a child would like to play. I have two little herding dogs who are enrolled in herding lessons, and I love taking them out to a farm because it reminds me of my childhood home which I still visit frequently. They also are the reason I've hiked a lot of trails near my home and explored some of the dog beaches.

My Faith

I grew up Roman Catholic and attended Catholic elementary school. I also attended a Jesuit college. My faith is very central to my life, and I'm constantly trying to live more by it. I attend church regularly and am even traveling to the Holy Land with my family for a pilgrimage!

My Musical Interest

Music DOES soothe the soul, and I'm not picky about what I like, although my preferences change with my mood. Classic rock is always fun when I'm feeling productive, but if I'm winding down to read, I'll listen to something more low key. I do like country, pop, and R&B.

About My Home

I live in a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house with my 2 dogs. The extra rooms come in handy for family visits. I look forward to converting one of the rooms to be your child's bedroom! There is a fenced yard, the house is one lot back from the street, and I'm only 3 miles from the beach! The home is in a suburban area but because it's off the street and fenced, it is a little oasis of quiet and tranquility.

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 2 years of age


I would love twins!



Sibling Group

Yes! with the oldest up to 2 years old

In Closing

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about me. I am truly honored for your consideration and promise to love, cherish and support your child through all that they do in life. They will be given the chance to see the world, learn new things and find their calling in life. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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