A Letter from Dale & Abigail

We are so excited to start our adoption journey and our son, Dawson, is so excited to share his life with a sibling! We are a loving family of 3 that loves spending time at the lakes, swimming, boating, and fishing together. We will provide your child with a stable home full of fun, adventure, and nature! 6 years ago we were blessed to have our son and, after 4 years of infertility, we are ready to now grow our family through adoption! We look forward to sharing our lives with your child and getting to be a part of all that it entails!

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About us

We have been together for 10 years and have now been married for 6! We both love to work hard at everything we do and know that we wanted to build up as much as we could before trying to have children. We wanted to make sure we would be financial stable and flexible with our jobs. We now have both of those things and are thrilled to grow our family!

We love spending time as a family and doing “little staycations”!  Hotels, shopping, good food, and lots of parks and museums is a must!

Dale and Abby love to travel and have been on a lot of vacations and cruises as well as Disney world with Dawson in 2019 with Abby’s family.

About Dale

Dale works really hard running his multiple businesses, but makes sure to balance out family time. Every summer he enjoys his weekends with his family at lake Okoboji. Dale loves taking his family on the boat, swimming, and fishing. Dale is very close to his immediate family, and often spend multiple days a week cooking, playing games, and eating together! Dale also loves being outside and in the water.  He loves driving the boat and swimming with Dawson on the lily pad. Dale also loves sports and is going to be coaching Dawson’s blast ball this Spring.

Dale is such a funny person, everyone who meets him never forgets him.  He is a very honest person and because of this his reputation is outstanding.  He is always the life of the party and very fun to be around.

About Abby

Abby works managing our apartment buildings and does most of the organizing and paper work for the companies that Dale and her own. She loves being able to stay home with Dawson when she can. Currently Dawson is going to school/daycare 2 days a week and is at home with mom the rest of the time! She loves being able to be outside with him and spending lots of time doing activities in their town, such as walks, swimming, and library trips.  She loves hosting get togethers at their home, it’s not rare to have 15-20 people over for a weekend supper.  Spending time with people is one of her favorite things to do.


Our son and family

Our son, Dawson, is 6 years old and loves spending time with mommy and daddy. He loves meeting new friends, playing outside, swimming, snuggling with Abby and is so excited to become a big brother. Dawson starts preschool next fall and is well mannered, a good hearted young man, and loves to play with our puppy, Max.  Max is a Goldendoodle with a gentle and docile personality. He loves to play with Dawson and chase balls.

Our families are thrilled for our adoption! Abby’s family in particular knows firsthand the joy of adoption as 4 of her 5 siblings were adopted- 3 adopted brothers, 1 adopted sister, and 1 bio sister! Abby and her family are very close and, while they live in Colorado, we visit them about once a year.

Dale’s family lives very close to us- so much so that we normally get together a couple times a week. Dale has a brother and two sisters and we love spending time with them as well as the rest of his family.

Our Home in Iowa

Our large ranch style house with 5 bedrooms and lots of room to play! We purchased it 3 years ago and have since rebuilt it from scratch with our family in mind. We absolutely love what our home has become! It is warn, welcoming, and our large kitchen always smells of good food! We have a ping pong table set up in the living room downstairs as well as a play room with toys, sitting areas, and an entertainment area. The back yard is also large, almost an acre, and is all fenced in.

We live on a very nice street on the outskirts of town. There are a lot of families who live on our street, so that means plenty of fun is to be had playing with the neighbor kids. We live a few blocks away for parks and the schools.

Abby likes to decorate and Dawson gets super excited when different holidays come. They make sure to decorate his room and get it ready for the seasons!

Our Promise to you

We promise to unconditionally love your child and provide them with a safe, and happy home with Christ at its center. We promise to encourage them as they grow, to cheer for them, and to be there for them no matter what!  We promise to fill their life with adventures out in nature, family fun and laughter. We will teach them how to fish and swim, how to enjoy life, and share with them all that we know.

We are open to sharing stories, letters, pictures as well as visits if you are comfortable. We look forward to welcoming you into our lives and family!

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Dale & Abigail

  Dale Abigail
Our EducationGraduated Highschool, some CollegeGraduated College with a business and marketing degree
Our ProfessionsWorks for ADM, Owner of 7 Hog barn sites, Owner of a Power washing CO., Also has a lot of small jobs.Manager of our 10 Apartments, as well as helps on the farms.
Stay-At-HomeNoPart-time, depending on the work load.
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Dale & Abigail's Favorites
What is your favorite past time?Hanging out with my familyBeing outdoors and organizing
What is your favorite food?Filet MignonPrimerib
What is your favorite board game?MonopolyNertz
Favorite month and why?July, it is my birthday month and we are at the lake houseJune, because summer has started and its my birthday month!
What is your favorite animal?All animalsMonkeys
Favorite summer activities?Boating and swimming with my familyGoing to our lake house, fishing, swimming, boating, playing outside with Dawson, going to outdoor events
What is your favorite project that you have finished?Building and finishing our Lake houseRenovating our home
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

Our family loves to be busy and active. Whether it is working on a new project or staying busy with Dawson's activities or relaxing/fishing/swimming at our lake house, we love to be doing something. We always host BBQs and get togethers with family and friends. We both love to cook and grill. We love to entertain and have time with people who matter most to us. Dawson gets to spend a lot of time with his cousins and kids his age and he loves it. Dale loves sports and will be coaching Dawson when he is old enough to play blast ball next spring!

Our Faith

Dale grew up Catholic and was a practicing Catholic. He grew up going to church every week and participating in all the events of the church. Dale is still a Catholic, however we have been dabbling in a new church in our town, where a lot of our friends go. It is a non-denominational Christian Church. He believes that Jesus died on the cross for his sins and the sins of the world, and if we repent we will be accepted into heaven to live with him forever!

Abby grew up Christian, she went to church early on and continued to go to church through high school and college. She believes in a personal relationship with the Lord, and loves having that! She also believes the same thing as Dale. She prays with Dawson every night and makes sure that the Lord is present in her family's life. She is now occasionally attending church with Dale and Dawson at Living Water in her town.

Dawson is being raised as a Christian, and it taught that Jesus loves him more than life itself. He is constantly asking questions about God and different things about Jesus. God is mentioned by him every single day. We always pray on the way to school that God will help us to be kind, and loving, and selfless.

Our Faith is very important to us.

Our Musical Interest

Dale has never played an instruments, but loves country music and 80s rock.

Abby grew up playing piano and the guitar until about high school age. She enjoys new hits and Christian music, and is a big fan of the band Hillsong United.

In our town we have a music festival put on by our good friends. There are a lot of Christian bands that attend, such as, Jeremy Camp, Matthew West, Casting Crowns and Newsboys.
We plan on volunteering with them and getting to engage with the artists. The festival is hosted one block from our home.

About Our Home

We purchased our home 3 years ago. It was an outdated home with wallpaper and carpet everywhere. We gutted most everything and started from scratch. We LOVE our home. We created a warm place where everyone feels welcome. Our kitchen is very large and for very good reason, we love good food! We have 2,200 sq ft upstairs and the same in the basement. We have a large dining room and a large living room upstairs with a wood burning fireplace. The basement is finished and very inviting. We have a ping pong table set up in the living room downstairs where a lot of the kids like to hangout. We also have a play room down there with toys, sitting areas, and an entertainment area.

The home has a total of 5 bedrooms and an office, with 5 bathrooms.

Our yard is large. We are in town but we have almost an acre of fenced in back yard! We have mature trees perfect for a tree house or play house (one of our next projects!).

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 years old




Either Gender

Sibling Group

we would love adopt siblings with the oldest up to 6 years old.

In Closing

We are excited to open our lives and hearts to you! We will provide your child with a stable home full of fun, laughter, and activities as a family. We will love your child deeply and raise them to have a life filled with family adventures at the lakes, swimming, boating, and fishing. We look forward to getting to know you! We would love to share pictures, letters, emails and do yearly visits, if you would like.

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