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A Letter from Derek & Casey

Hello! We are Derek and Casey from North Carolina! We are in between lots of state parks and great walking trails which we enjoy hikes with our dog when the weather is nice. We are foodies and love to experience different cultures through their food and, with all of the diverse restaurants near our home, we get to enjoy many different styles! We are excited to share our passions with your child and look forward to staying in touch with you through email, letters, and pictures.

About Us

We met at church but our relationship did not start for a few years. Our moms both became very sick around the same time and that is when we began talking and growing closer. Both of our mom’s passed away within the year but our connection to one another only grew stronger. We’ve been married for 4 years now! We enjoy exploring different cultures and love to try their different foods- be they at a fun local restaurant or through traveling. We also enjoy trying anything new and experiencing life together. We love going on walks and hikes around where we live with our dog Lilly, we also have multiple state parks with lots of trails for us to hike.  We have a close group of friends with which we enjoy having game nights and dinners with. We are so excited to welcome your child into our family and look forward to sharing our love of adventure and the outdoors with them!

About Derek

Derek works for a pharmaceutical company and enjoys researching and making vaccinations for others. He grew up in a small town in North Carolina and has an Associates’ degree and also a biotech certificate. He enjoys hiking, trying different kinds of foods, and playing video games. He is kind, gentle, and very loving. Derek is always the first to step up to help others. He’s even helped some of the people in our neighborhood from helping with ceiling fans to installing lights. He has close friends that he plays online with from all over and his passion for trying different restaurants and foods has pushed me to try new things as well. He will make a great dad and will encourage our child to be adventurous, to try new things, and will share with them his love for food.

About Casey

Casey is a pediatric nurse and uses this job as a ministry to be a light to her patients, their families, and also to her coworkers. In her free time, she enjoys being artsy and crafting with her Cricut. She also enjoys the outdoors whether it is hiking or swimming. During quarantine, she has found a love for working out and getting healthier. She enjoys walks with our dog, Lilly, as well as with others in our neighborhood. Casey is such a thoughtful and giving person. She is loving and kind and is so excited to raise our child in the way her mom raised her in teaching about Jesus. I know that Casey is excited to share her love of crafting with our child and that she is most looking forward to teaching them how to swim.

Our Home North Carolina

We live in North Carolina, where we are able to experience all the seasons and the beach and mountains are just a few hours drive from our home. We recently purchased a new home; it is 3 bedrooms in a new neighborhood which is close to many parks and has a swimming pool which we enjoy when the weather permits. We live close to friends and are able to entertain, we decided our downstairs which is open would be a no TV zone and it has provided great opportunities for entertaining friends. We recently added a fire pit to our back patio so we are able to have s’mores nights. Our home is one of our favorite places.

Our Family

We are both blessed with amazing families. Casey’s dad and stepmom live in a small town in Texas and we enjoy going to visit them when we can. Casey is the youngest of three, she has two older brothers. The oldest lives in Texas with his wife and kids. Her middle brother is a youth pastor and lives in Louisiana with his wife and two girls. Though her family is spread about they enjoy meeting up and having fun adventures together.

Derek grew up in a small town in North Carolina with his mom and grandparents. He also has a younger brother who lives close by as well. His aunt and uncle have adopted him as their own and we get together with them as much as we can since we live in the same area.

Our families are very important to us and they are all excited for our journey to becoming parents.

Our Promise to You

We promise to love your child and raise them to love people, to be kind, and to respect others. We are very involved in our church and promise to raise your child to have a personal relationship with Jesus. We will be there for them as they grow, support them as they learn, and will share our passions for the great outdoors and food with them. We would love to keep you up to date via letters, pictures, emails, and visits. Thank you for taking the time to consider us and learn more about who we are. We are praying for you. 

Thank you,

Casey and Derek

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Derek & Casey

  Derek Casey
Our EducationAssociates degree and a biotech certificate Bachelors degree
Our ProfessionsPharmaceutical tech Pediatric nurse
Stay-At-Homepart-time part-time
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasian Caucasian
Some of Derek & Casey's Favorites
What is you favorite food?SushiMexican food
What is your favorite Color?PurpleGreen
Favorite Bible Character?SamsonEsther
Favorite type of movie?Kung fu movies Hallmark movie and mysteries
Favorite outdoor activities?Hiking and fishingHiking and swimming
Favorite vacation spot?the beachThe mountains
Dream vacation spot?JapanItaly
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We enjoy doing anything in the great outdoors- hiking, swimming, and being on the water. We love trying new foods and restaurants. We enjoy being with our small group from church. Derek enjoys being on the computer and playing games. Casey enjoys crafting and recently found she enjoys working out.

Our Faith

Our faith is very important to us.
We are involved in our church's bus ministry by providing snacks. Casey is involved in the lady's ministry and active in helping plan events. Both of us grew up in Christian homes and it has played a very important role in our growing up years. Our personal relationship with Jesus is a big part of our marriage and home.

Our Musical Interest

Derek has a variety and listens to everything.
Casey is a Contemporary Christian, oldies, and loves listening to podcasts.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months old


Either gender!

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to learn about who we are and taking a glimpse into our lives. We are excited to be on this journey to become parents, and excited for all the new adventures that lay ahead. We are looking forward to new experiences and doing life together as a family. We would love to keep in touch with you through letters, pictures, and visits.

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