A Letter from Matt & Morgan

Hello from Florida! We are Matt and Morgan and we are excited to become first-time parents through adoption! Morgan was adopted at birth and always knew she would adopt to do for another child what was done for her. We are ready and excited to have an open adoption with you if you’d like. We look forward to sharing our family traditions, favorite activities, and share our love with a child of any race or gender.

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Our Story and What Called Us to Adoption

We have known each other since elementary school and grew up as good friends. We began our relationship in 2012 and have been together ever since!  In our spare time, we love being on the water, going to concerts, and spending time with our families. At home, we enjoy cooking breakfast together while watching cartoons and rainy days spent playing video games or watching movies.
Adoption has always been on our hearts, and we have seen the wonderful opportunities and relationships that adoption provides through Morgan’s own adoption. We were both raised in homes with good Christian values and intend to teach our child to have a personal faith in and relationship with God. We are excited to read our child bedtime stories, teach them to swim and bake together.

My Husband, Matt

Matt is supportive, hard-working, goofy, and loving. My favorite things about him are his sense of humor, that he celebrates the small things in life, and that he supports me in everything – he is my number one hype man. I have seen the joy in his eyes when he cares for our nieces, nephews, and friend’s children, and that makes me so excited to watch him become the amazing father I know he will be.
Matt works as an account manager at a global extermination company. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, sports, grilling – pretty much anything outdoors. He is most excited to be involved in our child’s schooling and extracurricular activities. Matt looks forward to sharing the same upbringing and lessons he received as a child with our child!

My Wife, Morgan

Morgan is driven, loving, and silly. She has an incredible work ethic and enjoys the little things, like dancing when she stops the microwave with one second left. Morgan loves trying new things every chance she gets. From her work in her church’s daycare to her teaching, kids have always been a huge aspect of her life and I know she will be an amazing mother.
Morgan is a kindergarten teacher and high school dance team coach. She likes doing puzzles in her spare time, baking, doing art projects, and going to theme parks. She is most excited to do anything creative with our child, like baking cookies or painting, exploring the theme parks with them, and spending weekends at the beach.

Our Families

Morgan’s immediate family consists of her mom, brother, and sister. The day after Morgan was adopted, her mom found out she was pregnant with her brother, so they are only 7 months apart! Within the last few years, Morgan’s family got to meet her mom’s birth daughter and she has since become a huge part of the family. Morgan also has a wonderful relationship with her birth family.
Matt’s immediate family consists of his mom, dad, and sister. Matt’s dad was in the Army when he was growing up, so they moved around a lot until Matt was in first grade. Matt’s sister has always been his best friend and second mother. His dad was a coach or close spectator of every sport he was involved in and Matt is excited to provide the same parenting and support he received growing up.
Both of our families live in our childhood homes in the same neighborhood, one street apart from each other. Our families are very excited for us to grow our family through adoption. They are looking forward to seeing us grow as new parents and can’t wait for weekend sleepovers.

Our Home in Sunny, Beautiful Florida!

We have a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom single-story home with a fenced backyard and a large screened patio in a quiet neighborhood zoned for A-rated schools. Our home is a few streets over from a lake with a campground, a dock for fishing, and a large playground. We are minutes away from our families, which allows us to spend lots of time with them. We are also a short drive from theme parks, beaches, and more!

Our Promise

Our promise is to raise your child in a stable, supportive home that is filled with endless love and lots of laughter. We will raise them to have Christian values and to see the importance of having a strong work ethic, getting an education, and caring for others. We promise to teach them about the love you have for them and would love to maintain a relationship with you, if you’d like, through visits, letters, and pictures of important milestones. We are excited and ready to become first-time parents!

If you would like to learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Matt & Morgan

  Matt Morgan
Our EducationAssociate's DegreeBachelor's Degree
Our ProfessionsExtermination Account ManagerKindergarten Teacher
Stay-At-HomeNo, but will take paternity leave.No, but will take maternity leave.
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian/Hispanic
Some of Matt & Morgan's Favorites
FOODAnything that comes off of a grillComfort foods like mac n cheese and grits
SWEET TREATCheesecake and cookie cakeDark chocolate, red velvet, and candy apples
OUTDOOR ACTIVITYFishingGoing to the theme parks
HOBBYPlaying video games, darts, or cornholeBaking and doing puzzles
VACATIONGoing on cruisesGoing to Key West
More About Our Family
Our Pets

Dogs: We have a 4-year-old bullhuahua (French bulldog/chihuahua) named Duke and a 2-year-old miniature pinscher named Reese. They are the most cuddly and friendly pups ever. They love children because our nieces, nephews, and friend's children give them lots of smooches!

Cat: We have a 2-year-old calico named Atticus. Matt found her in an attic when he was working in animal removal and we decided to give her the loving home she deserved.

Gecko: Jellyman is our crested gecko. He was our first purchase as a couple in 2012. He loves to eat bananas and can live up to 20 years!

Family Traditions

We look forward to sharing our family traditions like carving pumpkins for Halloween, setting up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving, dying eggs and eating seafood on Easter, as well as creating some new traditions. We are ready for Saturday morning pancakes and cartoons, trips to the fair, days spent at the beach or lake, family pool day barbecues, and so much more.

Matt's Upbringing

Matt did Taekwondo competitively when he was younger and was a state champion. His parents never missed a match, no matter how far they had to travel. When Matt played football or baseball, his dad was a coach. His family was always involved in what he enjoyed. Now, we all go to our nieces and nephews sports to cheer them on as a family. Matt grew up having pool days and barbeques on the weekends, family get-togethers during football season, seafood for dinner on Easter, putting up the Christmas tree on Thanksgiving and decorating it with his sister, and having New Years celebrations with their neighbors. Matt’s family enjoyed frequenting the beaches, theme parks, going fishing, and going boating. Their house was the house to be at for friends growing up – everyone wanted to come over. The kids played kickball, football, street hockey, pool, etc. and got fed a good meal when they were done. The rest of their family lives in West Virginia so the majority of family vacations were spent in the mountains.

Morgan's Upbringing

Morgan grew up in a very musical family. Her mom is a music teacher at an elementary school/choir director at her local church, her dad was a musician, her brother is a musician/choir director at his local church, and her sister is a music teacher for k-12. Morgan has always had a love for music because it clearly runs in their family. Instead of directing a choir or playing in a band, Morgan decided to take dance classes. She loved it so much that she stuck with it and has been the JV dance team coach for the team that she was on in high school for the last 6 years. Morgan’s family is big on traditions. She grew up having large family meals for every holiday, having pumpkin carving competitions for Halloween, dying eggs for Easter, inviting other people over that did not have a family to join for Thanksgiving, watching fireworks from a hotel downtown or doing fireworks in front of their house with the neighbors for the 4th of July, and having an indoor picnic on blankets on Super Bowl Sunday each year. Her grandma made “grandma buns” for every holiday and they became a staple in households throughout the neighborhood. She grew up going to church every Sunday and doing the potluck meals after service. Almost every night they would have family meals where they would sit around the table and talk about their days. Morgan is excited to continue some of these traditions as well as start new ones with our child.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

Newborn to 3 months old


YES! We are very open to twins.


We are excited to welcome a boy or a girl into our family!

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We will love your child unconditionally and provide them with everything they need to grow into a responsible, respectful, caring adult. We look forward to getting to know you!

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