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A Letter from Sarah

Hi, I’m Sarah from beautiful North Carolina! Thank you so much for taking the time to get to know me. I am a warm, energetic, fun-loving woman with a wonderful life filled with outdoor adventures, quality time with family and friends, and exploring new places, which I am so excited to share! You are amazing, and I am so excited to get to know you throughout this journey!

About Me

I know that my calling is to be a mom. I’ve waited (somewhat!) patiently for my husband to come along but have realized that I have all of the love and resources needed to provide a child with a safe, loving, and joy-filled home on my own. So there is no reason to wait! I am an affectionate, nurturing, easy-going social butterfly with a heart for people. I have a great career providing training to educators, an incredibly supportive network of family and friends, and a life filled with joy and laughter.  I am fun and fun-loving, and I am ready to open my home and my heart as I start my family! I am excited to share my world with your child.

My Education and Career

I have always loved learning, so I chose to pursue a rewarding career as an English as a Second Language teacher. I worked with elementary and middle school students to help them improve their language skills and was blessed with the opportunity to build strong relationships with them and their families. After many wonderful years in the classroom, I became a teacher trainer, helping to build a stronger educator force that will work to make schools better for all kids. Education is a huge passion of mine, and I look forward to teaching my child to read, helping them with their homework, supplementing their school experiences with travel and exploration, and supporting them in any educational endeavors that they may choose to pursue!

My Interests and Hobbies

I love being outside! I spend most of my free time hiking, kayaking, or just enjoying time outdoors with friends or family. I am always up for live music, a game of frisbee golf, or trying a new restaurant. I love exploring new places, whether it’s traveling somewhere far away or just checking out a new spot down the street. I look forward to sharing these passions with my child, including teaching them to bike, kayak, and just appreciate time in nature.

I also really value serving the community that I live in. Over the past few years, I have served in high school ministry and on the greeting team at my church. My very favorite volunteer work involves leading a troop of sweet elementary-aged Girl Scouts. I love getting to share my passion for the outdoors and community service with them and getting to walk beside them as they grow into strong, confident, compassionate young ladies! I am excited to share my love of service with my child and help them learn to appreciate both their own blessings and the joy that comes from helping others.

My Family and Traditions

I have a wonderful, close-knit, supportive family who are so excited to welcome your child into the family. My parents live just two hours away, and they split their time between a mountain cabin and a lake house, so visiting always means having an outdoor adventure! I have two kind, smart, passionate younger sisters who live out of state, but we plan at least one family trip each year so we can all spend time together.

My parents taught my sisters and me to love the natural world, so many of our traditions revolve around exploring the outdoors. We get together whenever possible, and always mark a holiday with a hike, a boat ride, or a float down the river in a kayak. I love cooking and baking with my mom, watching basketball or getting out on the four-wheelers with my dad, and exploring new places with my family. They are all excited to share their love for the outdoors, travel, and our happy crew.

My Home in North Carolina

My home is a warm and welcoming three-bedroom house in a beautiful suburban town. My neighborhood is very family-friendly, close to excellent public schools, and filled with children who love playing together at the park, the pool, or one of the playgrounds. Upstairs you can find the home office where I work three days per week, right next door to the future nursery. Downstairs you can find an open, sunny living space, where my two very sweet, but very lazy, small dogs enjoy napping, a kitchen, and a large fenced-in backyard. My yard is home to endless hours of playing fetch, along with regular backyard fires, BBQs, and even an annual Field Day where we run around and play like kids!

My Promise

I promise to unconditionally love, support, and encourage your child in all that they do. I promise to teach them to love learning, others, and Christ. I promise that they will live a life filled with laughter, adventure, nature, travel, family traditions, and love. I promise that they will know you and the tremendous love and care you have for them.

And to you, I promise to be your friend and cheering section throughout this journey, to pray for you daily, and to maintain whatever level of contact that you are comfortable with, including pictures, letters, and visits.

If you would like to learn more about me, please call or text Lifetime at 1.800.923.6784.

Learn More About Sarah

My EducationCollege Degree
My ProfessionsTeacher Trainer
My Racial BackgroundCaucasian
Some of Sarah's Favorites
Favorite HolidayAnytime when the family can get together... although I do really love Christmas!
Favorite Family TraditionA family hike on New Year's Day - especially if there's a waterfall at the end
Favorite VacationThe mother-daughter trip to Iceland I had last year with my mom. We had so much fun exploring such a beautiful country!
Favorite Rainy Day ActivityBaking something delicious and watching a silly movie in my PJs with family and friends
Favorite AnimalManatees! I may or may not have cried when I saw some in the wild on a trip to the Everglades...
Favorite Thing About My TownA gorgeous state park in my backyard, plus having either the mountains or the beach just a two-hour drive away
More About My Family
My Special Interests

I love exploring the outdoors and spending quality time with family and friends. Dog walks and trips to the dog park are regular events in my house, and I also enjoy crafting, home improvement projects, and digging in the dirt in my flowerbeds and vegetable garden. Cooking, baking, and eating are all passions of mine as well, and I am often in the kitchen trying out new recipes and hosting dinner parties or backyard BBQs. I have been told that I make the world's best chocolate chip peanut butter cookies, but this cannot be confirmed or denied!

My Faith

I am a Christian and have been a member of a progressive, family-oriented church for about five years. I believe that God made each one of us to love Him and to love one another. I also believe in walking out my faith through serving the people in my life, the community, and the world at large. I enjoy getting out into my town to volunteer regularly, including with my church, the local food bank, Girl Scouts, and a therapeutic riding program. I have an authentic relationship with Jesus and look forward to teaching your child about Him and His love!

My Home

I live in a beautiful three-bedroom house that is ready for little feet! My home has an open concept living room/dining room with a wall of windows, creating a large space filled with natural light that is just begging to be played in. My favorite place in my house is the backyard. It is large, fenced-in, and shady just about all day thanks to the mature trees lining the perimeter. My house and yard will be great places to grow up, and I am so excited to share them!

My Daily Life

I am blessed to work for a wonderful, supportive company that truly values its employees. I work from home half of the week, building online learning from my home office, which is next door to the future nursery. I go into the office the rest of the time, delivering live training to educators. My company offers an on-campus daycare and Montessori preschool for employees' children from birth until age five, so my child will have the opportunity to learn, play, and make friends during my days in the office. My evenings are often quiet during the week, filled with cooking and playing in the backyard with my dogs. I spend my weekends exploring the outdoors and our town with family and friends and leading my Girl Scout troop. I love my life, and look forward to sharing it!

I Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

newborn to 5 years old!


I am open to twins!


I am open to any gender!

Ethnicity of Child

I am open to any ethnicity!

In Closing

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn about me! I am so excited to become a first-time mom and give your child a life of love, support, encouragement, and adventure. I will provide them with a home filled with family, faith, learning, and laughter. I wholeheartedly would love to have a partnership with you at your comfort level and share letters, pictures, and visits. I'm praying for you and for your child!

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